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19th August 2010 AD Corrections made to the description of Persian Calendar.
17th January 2009 AD Added page on the John Dee Calendar.
19th August 2008 AD Added page on the Nepalese Calendar.
12th March 2007 AD Minor changes to Ethiopian Calendar page.
23rd April 2005 AD Minor changes to Kepler's Laws' page.
13th August 2004 AD Added new page on the Ethiopian Calendar.
Added text to Modern Calendars page.
6th May 2004 AD Corrected typos on Miscellaneous Calendars page.
16th January 2004 AD Added text to Kepler's Laws' page. Corrected typos on several pages.
8th December 2003 AD Corrected typos and grammer on the Julian calendar page.
7th January 2003 AD Added information on the Islamic (Hijri) calendar.
14th May 2002 AD Added information on Regnal Years to the page on Counting Years.
15th February 2002 AD Added a page on the Christian calendar and made
a couple of corrections to the Hebrew calendar.
23rd August 2001 AD Added Abbreviations page
and Facts and Figures page.
20th August 2001 AD Added info on Hebrew Jubilee calendar
21st February 2001 AD New URL of ""
8th January 2001 AD Added description of the Babylonian calendar
26th December 2000 AD Made a lot of small changes.
Added detail to Egyptian information.
17th December 1999 AD Added new page on the Persian calendar
26th August 1999 AD Added new page on modern calendars
17th January 1999 AD Added new page on lunar calendars
23rd October 1998 AD Added explanation of Julian Date
2nd September 1998 AD Added info on Hebrew Calendar and
corrected many spelling mistakes.
29th July 1998 AD Added info on days to the
Months, Weeks and Days page.
22nd June 1998 AD Links page updated and corrected.
20th February 1998 AD Counting years page added.
This 'What's New' page added.
17th January 1998 AD Extra calendars added to comparison chart.
Site index added.
Sometime around
October 1997 AD
Site went live.

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